Project DashBoard

Check the status for projects and jobs online with Energinet ProMan. Here, you can see everything that is related to your main project and all sub-projects, users, the progress of the projects and the file archive that is linked to the project.

Project Planner

Plan and register your energy efficiency projects with their sub-projects with start and completion dates. Create assignments and obtain status control.


​​The best way to carry out energy efficiency projects.

Energinet ProMan -

ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Project Groups

Create project groups complete with project manager and members. The members may consist of own employees and, for example, external consultants. There are no limitations. The members may be given different access levels.

ISO 50001 Project

Energinet ProMan is delivered with complete ISO 50001 checklists that you use as a template for efficient work to get the company up on ISO 50001 level or ready for certification. Energinet is delivered with Declaration of Conformity from TÜV.


Progress Control

Check the status of projects and jobs online with Energinet ProMan

Document archive

Your projects may use either your own or readymade checklists so that you obtain control of the execution of your energy efficiency projects. In addition, you may use the document archive to collect documents that that involve buildings in Energinet under the building proper in Energinet.

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