With Energinet ProMan, we increase the cost-benefit effect for you who work seriously with energy management. 

Energinet ProMan gives you:

-    Control over your energy efficiency projects
-    A good tool to facilitate ISO 50001 certification
-    A flexible document archive

All integrated in Energinet!

Energinet ProMan makes it easier for you.

A tool for project management within energy management. Optimizes project work and documentation related to the energy management work. May be used for all types of projects.

•    Complete with templates and checklists for ISO 50001, the standard for energy management systems.
•    A project is allocated members with read, write or administrator access.
•    Reports that show the plan and progress for the project. Progress lines follow the users in their work and show how far the projects have progressed.
•    The projects automatically get an associated file archive in which all documentation is stored. The users are free to create their own catalogue structure for the organization of files and as well as creation of own checklists.
•    For an ISO 50001 project, the file archive is automatically prepared with a logical catalogue structure and checklists for execution. All adapted to the standard with a progress line for the project.

The best way to carry out energy efficiency projects.

Energinet ProMan ISO 50001Energy Management

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

The Project DashBoard provides you with a fast and simple overview of all your projects.

In the DashBoard you will find a survey of all your projects, sub-projects and jobs.

·      Progress of the projects

·      Percentual completion

·      Members of the project

·      The latest project files that have been uploaded or revised

·      Automatic reports that show the progress for the projects.


The progress lines follow the users in their work and show how far the projects have progressed​

Project Dashboard

Project Planner

Create and share plans with your colleagues or external collaborators online with Energinet ProMan. As project manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. One of these is to plan the projects in detail as well as to safeguard adequate follow-up of the projects’ members to ensure progress.
With Energinet ProMan, you may create main projects, sub-projects and jobs with checklists.

Plan start and completion dates for projects and jobs that are automatically updated in the Gantt graph. The Project Planner then helps you. If you use Energinet ProMan in your energy efficiency projects, you may assign and allocate resources to ensure that the right jobs are completed to the correct time, by the correct persons.

There are no limitations in Energinet ProMan with reference to the number of projects or jobs you create.​

Project Groups

On creating project groups in Energinet ProMan you will automatically get access to all users that are registered in Energinet.

You may easily give users responsibility for a project or a task and then provide them with administrator, write or read access.

If you receive assistance from our competent Partners or other consultants, you may also create these as members in project groups and provide them with the access you find appropriate.

Energinet ProMan has no limitations with reference to the creation of number of projects, project groups and project members.

ISO 50001 Projects

If you are about to qualify for ISO 50001 certification or wants the company to obtain the standard’s level, this is the tool for you. You create an ISO project and tick off for ISO 50001. Energinet ProMan will automatically create an archive with documents that tell you what you have to do to meet the standard, item per item. The documents are created as checklists so that you tick off as you carry out and complete the items. In your Dashboard, you may monitor your progress. Energinet ProMan can also be used for other projects where you load up your own documents that you name as checklists. ​

The ISO 50001 standard from ISO.org may be downloaded here

Progress Control

Your personal DashBoard will give you an overview of the progress in all the projects you are a part of as well as the jobs that you are responsible for.
Energinet ProMan will continuously keep you updated on your progress.
In this way, the projects will have a progression that is in line with the projects’ time schedule.


Document Archive

Energinet ProMan also gives you an online document archive.
Here, you may collect and store all documents that are related to your projects or jobs. The documents are automatically placed under the correct project and all members in the project in question will have access to these.
The project’s DashBoard will give the members an overview of the latest documents that have been uploaded, new documents that have been added or new versions of documents.
You may also independently of any project, file documents that are related to energy and operations in Energinet.

This may for example be datasheets for installed hardware, drawings, offers or minutes.
You may, in a very simple manner, create document archives for each individual building and in this manner make the follow-up of the energy management easier to follow and efficient.

Each customer will have access to 20 GB of storage.


See our Energinet Studio film here:

Energinet Studio ISO 50001

Energinet Studio Energinet ProMan

Energinet ProMan the most cost-effective solution on the market!

" Energinet in compliance with ISO 50001


Energinet, the energy monitoring system of the company Cebyc, was one of the first monitoring systems to be tested. Independent experts of TÜV Rheinland certify that the energy monitoring system provides support to the user in implementing and maintaining an energy management system according to ISO 50001. If employed properly the user receives very strong support in launching an energy management system in compliance with the ISO 50001 requirements"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            May 2012 TÜV Rheinland

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