makes Energy Management even easier 

This is how Energinet QR-Scanner work

To help you to start with Energy Management without large investment in measurement equipment, we have created The Energinet QR-Scanner a applications for Android phones.
The application is free for Energinet users and can easily be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Download the application from Google Play Store.

Install the application on your mobile phone. It will appear in your program folder with a Energinet icon. Remember that this application only applies to Android phones and not for IPhone.
Select the measure you want the QR code.


Select which meter you want to use the QR-Scanner for in Energinet meter page.

After you have selected the meter page then go to Details.
At the bottom you will find the QR code "Activate"
Click "Activate"


The first time you create QR codes under your top / customer level in Energinet, you will be asked to create an open QR import for this. This means that you open to create QR codes for all your meters in Energinet.
Click "Create an open QR imports"


Now you have come back to the meter page. Press "Download QR-Code"


After you pressed "Download QR -code" and several meters has the the same Meter ID in the system, you will be asked if the system shall create a new special Meter ID for the meter. Click "Yes" if you want this or "No" if you want to go backand edit the meter with a self-made special ID.

Here is an example where Energinet have automatically generated a new special QR code for the meter. This ID will always start with qr and then a number.

Now you can print the QR code. Either save the image and print or print the whole page.
Fit the QR code at the current meter. All QR- Codes will be automatically marked with building name and Meter name from the system.


When you want to go from manual reading via QR code to automatic collection through data loggers etc, press "Deactivate".

How to use QR scanner in practice

Once you have downloaded Energinet

QR- Scanner, it will appear under Programs in your phone. You will then see the Energinet Icon.

You will then see this image on the phone. Press "Scan QR Code". Then hold the

QR- code Scanner so the camera focus on the code. Adjust the physical distance between the phone and the code so that the phone automatically takes the picture of the code.

You have now been brought to this image. As you can see, the system automatically writes  the Meter ID in the Meter ID field.

Now type the value of the meter in to the value field. Then press "Create Mail".

If you use an old QR-Code or a invalid one you will get this message. Please make a new QR-Code for this meter.

If you have multiple mail clients select the appropriate mail client and note that this should always be used when using Energinet QR-Scanner. Remember that the mail client must be the same as you have registered in Energinet as the sender.

Press "Send mail" and you're done!



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