Energy is about the interaction between people, technology and organization.
With the help of efficient energy utilization, the optimal production and use of energy in enterprises is ensured. Through the energy can be profitable behavior and investment initiatives identified and implemented. Lower energy consumption reduces costs, improves environmental performance and strengthen competitiveness.


Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energy Management

Energy management is to have a system that detects and monitors energy consumption. The system provides good, regular reports automatically and verifies consumption. This leads to increased motivation in the organization, which means that focus is maintained and again results in terms of energy savings. Energy management is a prerequisite for successful energy efficiency measures.
Energy management, disiplin in leadership

"Energy management must be considered as a management discipline in line with economic control, production management and personnel management." (Mr. Gunnar Solbjørg in NDEA)

Resource-conscious businesses need an energy policy and setting targets to utilize the best possible. Energy followed up with actionable plans for how the energy consumption at peak efficiency. While saving the business significant costs eg electricity, oil, gas or water, the energy management as well as strengthen the company's overall environmental profile.

6 main activities in energy management:

    Energy Monitoring System (EnMS)
    (Web solution with energy monitoring right down to individual buildings)

    Maintenance of energy (communication)
    (ex tenant involvement motivation and willingness to savings)

    Training / information / motivation (quality)
    (ex the tenant and the owner can monitor energy usage, budget, forecast, etc.)

    Action Plan with an annual package of measures (energy efficiency)
    (Reveals buildings with energy saving potential and thus appropriate measures in the right place)

    Collections Network (relationships, motivation)
    (ex user experience and seminar presentations)

    Reports (predictability)
    (Automatic transfer of energy data for example the environmental database)

The main tools for financial management

Energy costs make up an increasing proportion of organizational operating expenses and energy management is a key tool for financial management. Both to keep focus and to control energy consumption requires a comprehensive and quality in the energy supply chain management. Automatic retrieval meter values recommended.
Cebyc can offer the entire value chain from meter to the report, as well as consultancy services for both installation and consulting.



Energy management = good operation!

Through energy management you get through regular, automated reports good indications of economizing energy consumption. Custom reports provide a basis for verifying any energy efficiency measures in a simple manner. One can choose only to look at the main features, but it is also possible to go in depth to analyze at a more advanced level.



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