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Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Going to report regards to the GHG protocol or are you using the EN ISO 14064-1:2012 ?

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EMS must be seen as the "umbrella" of today's environmental and energy plans. Below are the energy and waste management. Plans are currently a certification system for buildings and we also know that today's population will question the environmental and energy awareness among both employers and residential communities. For example, prospective employees or residents desire an insight into the corporate / municipal environmental audit before making a choice of employment / transfer

- An EMS system that ensures automatic and good reports, focus and motivation is therefore a "must"!
Win-win situation for the environment and business

EMS is a tool that will help the company to systematize the work of continuous environmental measures. In addition to positive profile and reputation, companies that focus on the environment also have a commercial gain. By reducing its total consumption, achieved a win-win situation, that is, both reduced environmental impact and lower costs.

Automatic EMS

For right and good environmental management will require an automated and highly flexible EMS system. Environmental organizations will have to require a sophisticated system for measuring and collecting data. This technology exists and has already Cebyc at present opportunities to offer a solution that can provide organizations with a highly accurate overall picture.

Benefits of automated environmental and energy management system:
    • Focus and anchored in the organization
    • Overall Summary
    • reveals discrepancies, environmental hazards and opportunities for a better environmental performance
    • Cost and consumption control
    • From detailed reports to the total reports
    • Verification, emission reductions (carbon), both local and total
    • Automatic billing meters below the journal

Quote from the Norwegian Defence: (The Norwegian Military)

"Defence Estates will be an environmental company with good reputation in which environmental considerations are taken by all employees at all levels. This means that environmental considerations are integrated in all processes which are secured through an environmental management system. Environmental stations quantified and included as part of the company's criteria for success. "

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