We are Norwegian Energy Management Software developing company established in 2002.

We are the market leader in Norway with our Energinet ISO 50001 Energy Management Software, and are represented in several countries in Europe. 

We have national or global customers in 16 countries. Energinet is translated in to many languages.


Our distributors are mainly energy consultant companies, energy suppliers, BMS suppliers and System Integrators.


We offer you the leading Energy Management Software proven in all segment of the professional building and Industry segments.

Energinet was the first Software in appliance with the ISO 50001 standard. Energinet includes Energy Management, Waste Management, Environment Management, Energinet ProMan for ISO 50001 including templates and GHG reporting and Tenant and Invoice Module


We have two versions of our Energinet Software, Energinet Pro and Energinet Lite. The Energinet Lite version is used of many Energy Suppliers integrated in to their web pages and energy databases to give their customers a professional Lite version of the software. This will help the Energy Supplier to bind the customers to their services, and for longer contract periods. Lite is very easy to upgrade to Pro version.


We are searching for distributors world wide, inside Europe, in the US and other countries.  If you are part of a sales network or a regular customer and interested in doing business with us, please contact one of our distributors.


Segments: The professional commercial and public market; Retail, Hotels, Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Administration Buildings, Shopping Malls, .....

Industry Segment: Any type of production plants and complexity


As a Distributor you will get training and help to get success with our product and in your market. 

Energinet can be branded as your with logos, service phones, e-mail addresses on web pages and web- and printed report.


Even Energinet is the leader in this market and we are using large investment to obtain this, our Distribution prices are on a lever witch will make you very competitive both product and cost wise.


Please Download Company Profile Form and return it at post@cebyc.no


We are currently looking for Distributors

Energy Management with ISO 50001

Energinet The ISO 50001 Energy Management Software

Energinet is developed and maintained by Cebyc AS - Norway - and distributed throughout the world by Partners. Energinet in compliance with ISO 50001.

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