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Waste Management


Does your organization a system for waste management?

Environmental legislation is becoming stricter and there are also law

enforcement of environmental sinners. Customers and shareholders

requires that companies reduce their impact on the environment

shows what they are doing and what changes they make. A waste

management system helps your business to take control of and

manage key environmental aspects such as emissions and

waste disposal.

Waste management is a major challenge in Europe. Disposal of

waste is expensive and focus on the costs associated with this

will increase demand for our product in waste management.
In a tough competitive market, it is to highlight and demonstrate

its commitment to the environment is important.

Quality to achieve goals

Quality good enough waste requires quality monitoring and reporting Syse flows. Automatic, periodic reports with the appropriate verification is required. Then you will be able to find a basis for measures to address the organization's goals for waste management.

Energinet delivers a complete system for documenting and cataloging of waste management regards to European standard. Only in this way, the focus is maintained and provide motivation for continuous improvement.

Energinet is developed and maintained by Cebyc AS - Norway - and distributed throughout the world by Partners. Energinet in compliance with ISO 50001.

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